Love in Lockdown

Christmas is my favourite time of year! If you love everything from carols to fairy lights, then you need to experience Yulefest in the NSW Blue Mountains. Running from June to August, the place comes alive with Winter Magic and the possibility of snow just adds to the excitement.

However when it does snow in this beautiful place, there is a very good chance you will end up stuck in your hotel. And as the snow can last for days on end, you better have a pretty nice hotel to be stuck in!

Enter, M Gallery. Originally the Fairmont Resort, M Gallery have taken over and given this grand hotel a make-over she deserved. With traditional fittings mixed with modern leather and blazing fire places everywhere, you are in love from the moment you enter through the covered walkway lit with large Christmas wreaths. As the snow buzzes around us, the double doors open and the warmth hits you like a big M Gallery hug! The view over the Megalong Valley is imposing from the massive picture windows that are everywhere and you can’t help but be transfixed by it as you explore the place, often walking into things because you are distracted by its beauty.

When staying at this hotel, we choose to only ever stay in the Megalong Suite. We see it as ‘ours’ and are very upset if someone else has been booked into our space. At around $500 per night, this room is a little pricy, but trust me, it’s worth every penny!

This room is not only one of the nicest we have ever stayed in – it also happens to be the largest! Walking into the double height foyer of the room, the living room is cosy and warm with the fireplace on, welcoming you in and relaxing you with every step. The view over the valley through the large double doors is spectacular and you can truly see why this place is called the ‘Blue’ mountains as they shine in all their colourful glory!

The balcony is small but big enough to enjoy a coffee on a cold winter morning before racing back to jump into the biggest bed you have ever seen! You feel like you’re from the Princess and the Pea children’s story, getting lost in the myriad of comfy blankets and pillows.

This room has romance written all over it and with a ‘his’ and ‘her’ bathroom you can have your space or immerse yourself together in the biggest sunken spa tub you will ever see! The surround is big enough to have a bottle of champagne on the side and the lights can be dimmed to allow for candles to light the mood.

If you happen to get bored with each other (which is highly unlikely!) you can head down the corridor to the bar for a whisky or enjoy a game of snooker in the Billiards Room. There is also a cafe and a more fine dining restaurant on-site and yes, they do allow champagne with your breakfast in the morning! This is important!

But whether there is snow or not, we generally choose to lock ourselves in and fully relax. This place insights slow morning wake-ups, with newspapers and coffee in bed. You can snuggle and watch the sun come up over the cold, awe-inspiring mountains and have no need to get up and dressed, until you get hungry. But let’s be honest…. Who’s got time for food, when you’ve got a man like KAM beside you?!

Thank you Accor Hotels
Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains M Gallery
1 Sublime Road, Leura NSW


2 thoughts on “Love in Lockdown

  1. I love how you’ve captured the amazing M Gallary darling, this place is in my top 5 of places to stay. Looking forward to hearing many more adventures shared.
    love you xoxo

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