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Smart & Snazzy Traveller

Smart & Snazzy Traveller

Travelling can be tough. I know when KAM and I travel, we are rarely in one place for very long (unfortunately) and are sometimes only home for a couple of days before having to repack and go again.

This means that you not only have to be a smart packer, but an organised one too. I have 3 different types of luggage and depending on where I am going and how long for, will depend on which one I will pack. It is essential to have a variety of good luggage, not only for practical reasons, but so you look good at the airport too!

So, I have a large hard case Flylite Quartz (Approx. $240). This suitcase is large enough for a long trip, but not too large that I can’t roll it along. It is white with a slight glitter finish and is perfect for getting on and off planes and knowing your goodies are all safe and sound.

My Guess set is beautiful and bright lolly pink with bling. It is a 2 piece set (Approx. $500) including a medium roller case and matching carry-on which is the best for packing a LUGGAGE INSERTfew extras in case your luggage gets lost in Thailand somewhere! I always feel beautiful when carrying this set and given how much I have used it, it still looks brand new! Quality lasts!

My last piece of essential luggage is a large classic Country Road Duffle Bag (Approx. $80). This luggage will never date and is perfect for a more relaxed few days away. KAM can easily carry this for me too, without looking a little strange – he can’t get away with that so much when carrying my bright pink Guess set! These smart duffle bags fit a lot more in them that you will think and can be thrown in the washing machine if they get dirty (or full of sand, if you are lucky enough to be heading to the beach!).

Whilst every trip is different, there are a number of essential items that I never travel without. To ensure you look good, no matter where you go, these die-hard items are:

  1. A pair of long boots
  2. A pair of short boots (preferably with heels)
  3. Dressy Jeans
  4. Jewellery to dress up or down an outfit
  5. A simple black dress
  6. A cross-body bag
  7. Nurofen, Band-Aids, baby-wipes and Aloe-Vera
  8. Swimmers and thongs
  9. Black leggings
  10. A couple of clean plastic bags (these can be used for any number of things, but are great for separating your dirty washing as you travel so you don’t have to do it when you get home)

My last suggestion for smart, regular travels is to have a spare make-up bag that mirrors the one you use every day at home. It’s too hard to pack and unpack your everyday items and not forget something. Trust me, I know! The amount of toothbrushes I have had to buy on the road is ridiculous! I promise having a make-up bag already packed and ready to go will be a godsend when needing to travel in a hurry.

Girls always over-pack – that’s a fact. So just make sure you have sexy luggage to roll through the airport or into a fancy hotel lobby. And whilst sexy luggage is definitely important, my all-time favourite essential travel item that I absolutely refuse to leave home without, is a sexy man with big muscles! It helps that he can lift my luggage for me, when I have brought too many clothes while travelling and had to sit on my suitcase to get it to close! Besides… Pink is definitely his colour!