About The Duchess

How the Duchess came to be….

Call me high maintenance and selfish – most people do.

But drill it down and all you will find is a woman that decided never to have her own children and enjoy HER life and HER identity. After doing what society told me to do for way too long and enduring a very long, abusive and arduous marriage, in which I went nowhere and saw nothing for almost 15 years of my life, I finally decided that societies picture of the norm was not for me and left that life well and truly behind.  

I knew I wanted to see the world. Taste the food and wine and immerse myself as a local in places I had only ever seen on television. But being a recluse, almost to the stage of agoraphobic and battling a fear of just about everything, I had no idea where to start! 

Begin the healing process!!!!

 Some people have to convince themselves that they are better off alone – that they are man haters. I was never that woman! Yes, I was hurt, and happy to be alone, but men… Men should never be hated! Don’t get me wrong – some men are the worst human beings to ever walk this earth. But I just knew that out there somewhere were good men. Men who worship women. I had girlfriends who’s husbands treated them like queens – their wish was their desire. So I knew they existed and therefore, never had a hatred towards the male species.

 This served me and the universe smiled upon my resilience. Enter…. my hero – KAM.

 After just one evening of talking and laughing well into the early hours of the morning, I knew that I would not only never be alone again, but that my dream of adventure would finally become a reality. I fell madly and deeply in love with my best friend that night, all those years ago and have never looked back since. All my dreams of seeing the world and experiencing all it had to offer were to come to fruition and in real life were way better than in my imagination.  

And this is how The Duchess was born. KAM gave me the space to write my own rules and figure out what was really important to The Duchess as a woman. These rules allowed me to fully embrace who I am and I invite you to do the same.  

So this is how The Duchess does it…. 

  1. At all times, one should be a lady, unless it’s time to be a WOMAN
  2. Power can always be accessorised with platinum and diamonds
  3. Anytime is champagne time!
  4. Always embrace your individual feminine figure
  5. Fashion inspirations, should come from classic ladies
  6. Find a man who speaks your language of love
  7. A true gentleman will know how to “hold” you
  8. Never underestimate a man who loves you more than he loves himself
  9. Never let your head get warm under a single hat
  10. Never loose sight of who you are and what you can achieve  

These rules are about owning, embracing and empowering yourself as a woman. However, these rules will only work if no apologies are made. You may not make friends, you may create enemies, you may upset your family, but along the way, You will always be sure of who You are.  

Heartbreak can be one of the most earth shattering things a woman can ever have to encounter. But if you remain positive and keep yourself open to the possibility that ANYTHING is possible, I promise the universe will shine on you.  

In these last few years I have been more blessed than I ever imagined. I am now a LUXURY traveler who indulges in only the best that the world has to offer. I am starting small and have so far only explored this beautiful country we call our home, but one day soon, those distances will expand to include countries such as Paris, Rome and London to name a few.  

We treat ourselves to the finest accommodation, food and wine our money will allow and refuse to apologise to anyone for our indulgence. From this, I now have the best travel journal and memories to boot – and we thought it about time we shared them with you. 

If you are looking for the ultimate experience or wanting to surprise the love of your life with a bang, then you are looking in the right place. I guarantee the memories you create will last a lifetime and like ours, become a thing of legend.  

They are memories built on love, laughter and luxury. Three little L’s that I am extremely proud of.  

We wander through life wondering what legacy we leave behind. Don’t wonder…. Make it happen! These are our stories…. ENJOY!