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Blue Water Sailing, Corlette NSW

Blue Water Sailing, Corlette NSW

Sailing Super Styling!

What is the best way to surprise a loved one on their birthday? Go Booyah all the way of course! And what better way to do Booyah than chartering your own private yacht from Blue Water Sailing, who do Booyah just right.

Aptly named ‘Champagne on Ice’, this beautiful yacht greets you from one of the most expensive Marina’s in Australia. Everything about this company exudes luxury and they simply cannot do enough for you.

When I called to organise this for KAM and explained that it was a Birthday surprise, Rhonda from Blue Water Sailing was more than happy to assist, including finding a very rare and expensive bottle of wine for the sail (KAM’s all time favourite!). You should have seen his face when it was brought up from below, chilled and presented like the Sword of Excalibur. He couldn’t have smiled any larger!

From the moment you board this amazing yacht for a sunset cruise around stunning Port Stephens, you are treated like royalty. The two crewmen are friendly and highly knowledgeable, which is helpful when you are sailing in some pretty high winds. They expertly navigate the yacht into a quiet bay, only accessible by boat and as the sun goes does we dine on large fresh prawns, a cheese platter and a cold bottle of Tyrrell’s VAT 1.

This is silver service without the pretence and there are linen tablecloths, proper cutlery, fine wine glasses and no paper plates in sight. Nothing is rushed, and time seems to stand still as you enjoy the romance of this experience.

Finally though, its time to head back. They ask KAM if he would like to man the wheel for a while and do a little real sailing on our way home. The boys teach him the ropes and he’s off, head first into the wind, pulling 20 knots like a pro! This yacht glides through the water like an elegant dolphin, riding the waves comfortably, making you feel alive and exhilarated.

Just as night falls we reach our destination back at the Marina and I know we will sleep well tonight. I’m sad the experience is over and I ask KAM if he enjoyed his Birthday surprise. He gives me the best answer ever… “Lets go and celebrate with a champagne on ice!”.

Thank you Blue Water Sailing for making a memory that will last a lifetime and one which we hope to repeat sometime soon!

Blue Water Sailing
Marina D, The Anchorage Marina
Corlette NSW
P: 0448111331